Ayurvedic wellness and yoga counselling

Ayurvedic Yoga with Dawn Boys

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Discover your true potential in health and wellness by understanding your specific constitutional make up set in motion when you were conceived. Learn about maintaining this balance through diet, lifestyle, yoga, and how each season and time of day can affect this balance. Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga and the oldest practiced medicine on our planet. Yoga, as a therapy, is administered after the constitution is determined. This nature based medicine can then treat specific ailments and Imbalances that will progress into a disease process.

What's your ayurvedic body type? Click here to take your constitution test and find your dominant dosha.

A study on back pain and the healing benefits on yoga. Who will stop the pain?

A back survey conducted by Klein and Sobel who wrote the national best seller
"Backache, what exercises work".
Link to Google books

Here are the results of the study.

Practicioner: Long term relief. Temporary

Yoga 96%. 4%
Physio. 65%. 8%
Chiro. 28%. 28%
Surgery. 28%. 14%
Massage. 10%. 63%

Constitutional Testing

It's relationship with diet, exercise/ yoga, mind and spirit wellness. Includes follow up
visits as needed based on the effects by seasonal changes.
$90 - Includes initial testing and 1 follow up session.


One to one training specific to those with injuries or need for core strength.
Also accepting referrals for MVA, brain injuries ect .

$55/ session - package of 5
session - package of 10 or more!

Indian Head Massage

Traditional upper back, neck & head relaxation massage.
Helps with headaches, neck tension, proper energy flow as well as lymph drainage.


Corporate Yoga

Bring an occupational therapy perspective to your workplace.
Includes team building, stress reduction, and some much needed TLC during your workday. 

$12/per person **min 6 students**