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Ayurvedic Soy Massage Candles

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Our Ayurvedic candles are made with a soy wax base, blended with grapeseed, coconut or sunflower oil, then scented with pure essential oils in an array of seasonal and dosha balancing blends.

Kosher certified,  non staining, cool burning, lead free cotton wicks, non dyed, sustainable, biodegradable, renewable resource, dermatology tested.

Note: the aromatherapy soy massage candle is meant for topical use and so the scent output is less than that which is meant for strictly aromatherapy room scenting. The amount of essential oils must be within the safety guidelines for use on skin and is blended to balance the associated constitution type as indicated.
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All candles are $20 

Vata candles:

 Aura Vata: lemongrass, rosemary, petitgrain
Indications: liver cleansing, rheumatism, asthma, antidepressant, circulatory system, lymph drainage, uplifting, headaches, immune boosting, difficult mornings, poor concentration, balancing

Prana vata: camphor, eucalyptus, lavender
Indications: immune system, stress, insomnia, respiratory/ bronchial conditions, joint and muscles, uplifting, and improves clarity of mind, soothing.

Pitta candles:

Tantra pitta: champa, cypress, vetivert
Indications: frigidity, nervousness, disconnectedness, female issues,  circulatory problems, weak connective tissue, emotional/ nervous problems, insomnia, root chakra blockages, aphrodisiac

Karma pitta: roman chamomile, geranium, patchouli
Indications: dermal conditions, headache, insomnia, female hormonal conditions, irritability, liver/ spleen congestion, anger, anxiety, excema, antidepressant, aphrodisiac

Kapha candles:

Sattva kapha: sage, basil, lemon, myrtle
Indications: lymph, nervous dysfunction, hypotension, addictions & dependency problems, chest colds, respiratory, antiviral, lymph, antidepressant, rheumatism, asthma, clarity of mind

Chakra kapha: cinnamon, clove, orange, cardamom
Indications: low blood pressure, impotence, vomiting, colds Nd flush sinus and bronchial, intestinal infection, gallbladder blockage, irregular heartbeat, weak digestion, cellulite

Prakriti candle: clary sage and rose
Indications: balancing, empowering, hormonal support, reduces fear, psychological tension, impotence, mental illness, depression, grief, gynaecological conditions & most all feminine concerns

** See Schedule for upcoming workshops to create your own candles or products **

Additional Ayurvedic Products

Dawn also hand makes natural soaps, scrubs, salves, body oils, aromatherapy perfumes & lotions and first aid items all created with the intention of living a more earth conscious and sustainable state of being. Special blend created to help balance the Ayurvedic doshas for harmony in the changeable seasons. All Items created with all natural ingredients and pure essential oils. These items are only available in residential studio or ordered through Dawn directly.