Outdoor Bootcamp triail running Westbank.


Get out of the gym and into the forest!

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Interval, Outdoor, Beach, and Trail ClassesThe enviro fitness concept is essentially a program that involves a "gym like" fitness routine outside and utilizing the great outdoors in Peachland.

Studies show that an increase in emotional well being, exercise consistency,
improved stamina, agility and overall fitness is achieved by challenging the senses through varied terrain in an outdoor setting.

Bottom line in that outdoor training is healthier, cheaper and more sustainable
than going to a gym!

Class Descriptions

See schedule for current classes or book your own private

Private groups - $10/pp (min 5 person)
Youth rate (16 & under)  - $8/pp (min 6 person)
Private class  - $50 (1 person)

Beach Blazers

Interval fitness classes that run along the shoreline and use rocks, docks, trees and poles to create a total body workout and yoga finish.

Trail Blazers

Circut like fitness classes that utilize rocks, trees and altered terrain to challenge the senses, spirit and body as we intermingle with the forest and relax in deep yoga stretches.

Snowshoe Blazers

Get out & enjoy the snow! Put on your snowshoes, & hit the trails for this guided hike with strength endurance exercises along the way.